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James Montgomery Howerton
Charlottesville, VA 22903 US
+1 (804) 229-1108


UVA School of Data Science

M.S. in Data Science 2019-2020

The Data Science Master's program at the UVA SDS focuses on teaching students the skills to become commercially viable yet highly ethical data scientists and engineers. This includes highly focused courses covering topics in Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Bayesian Inferential Methods. My goal after finishing this degree is to have a greater understanding of how and when to ethically implement data science methods during software development.

UVA School of Engineering and Applied Science

B.S. in Computer Engineering 2016-2019

The Computer Engineering program at the UVA SEAS focuses on delivering the fundamentals of both a Computer Science and an Electrical Engineering degree. I chose to focus my elective credits on taking more Computer Science courses in topics such as Algorithms, Database Design, and Network Security to flesh out my understanding of the field as a whole. Near the end of my undergraduate education, I took Statistical Learning and Graph Theory, a course that fueled my curiosity towards Data Science, leading to my eventual pursuit of a Master's in Data Science.



Data Engineer May 2020 - Present

My current position as a data engineer at TwinThread is exposing me to the process of software engineering on a scale that I have never experienced before. I am lucky to work with an extraordinary group of individuals that put their trust in me to make architectural software decisions and support me in learning new technologies and in solving new problems. My work currently focuses primarily around supporting the backend architecture of our machine learning pipeline.

Full Stack Intern December 2018 - July 2019

This internship taught me what it is like to work on a tight-knit team of developers with an extensive codebase. Throughout the time I worked there, I learned how continuous integration and deployment are used in a real-world business setting on a team of both local and remote individuals. Considering the length of the internship, I reached a point where my expertise on specific topics surpassed those of my superiors. As a result, I wrote extensive documentation on how to use my code following my absence. Through the interactions with my superiors and peers, I learned that it is possible to work very hard on a product and still have a great time doing it when you have a team that works well together. While I learned a variety of technical skills, it is this sense of optimism towards my future job that is far more valuable to me than any specific technical skill that I learned along the way.

Programming Languages: C#, SQL, Python, Typescript

Technologies: Azure Resource Manager, React Framework, Oracle SQL Developer, Azure DevOps, YAML


IT Intern June 2018 - August 2018

This internship gave me a sense of what it is like to work at a large company with a team that handles one specific project. My team was developing a web application and needed help in organizing data for our analytical tool, which is where my job came in. As a result, I was not so much working with my team as I was asking them what they needed from the tool and then using that information to refine the end product. The culture at Genworth was very different from TwinThread due to the sheer size. TwinThread was more akin to 'extreme programming' with every member knowing what they were doing and reporting their progress to each other personally on a more frequent basis while Genworth operated closer to traditional 'agile development' with meetings every 2 weeks to go over all of the progress that each member made. Learning how to operate efficiently in this more rigid environment was something that was difficult for me, but is what I consider my most important takeaway from this experience.

Programming Languages: PowerShell, SQL

Technologies: SpotFire, Postman, Oracle SQL Developer


I have experience with a variety of programming languages and creative software. My goal going forward is to improve my skills as a statistical programmer through applied machine learning. My secondary goal is to learn more game design software packages.

  • Python
  • PowerShell
  • C, C++, C#
  • SQL
  • Java


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